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More than ever couples today are seeking ways to insure that their marriages are impenetrable. We want, not only to save, but to help you change your marriage for the better.


We see this in our work every day. Marriages are seriously struggling whether you just had a baby or are an empty nester. Maybe for you things are going well but there are just a few areas you want to improve. We all want to renew that spark that led us to each other. Dr. Gottman has given us scientifically proven methods for improving your communication and intimacy. We want to share with you and your spouse a proven way to build up your marriage. 


When you spend a day with us you will learn effective practices that can be tremendous for your relationship. No marriage is perfect and we know the struggles couples have in making marriage work. 


We invite you to come and join us for our “Say Yes to Forever Workshop.” You will leave with the tools necessary to maintain and enhance your relationship on a day to day basis.



Cynthia or Peter Lemieux


Tel: 602-697-5661

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